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We recognized cloud costs can be prohibitive. We help you navigate the journey to become 100% cloud native, while also providing just-in-time resource availability to enable cost savings.


We enable startups to leverage the latest technologies. We set you up for success, either paving your way into cloud native development, or building the teams that will take you there.


We work with you to define, architect and implement your engineering goals. We focus on creating a repeatable process and environment for your teams to achieve success and independence.

Why Farmotive?

We will assist in scaling your teams and infrastructure to meet the needs of your business, with a repeatable process for your organization to leverage, including training and support to ensure your success and growth.

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Our Services

Cloud Native

Your app can become federated, self-healing, resilient, and secure.

Staff Augmentation

Pay only for the team that you need, when you need it.

Lift & Shift

We containerize your application to enable cloud-native development.

Near Shore Resources

Staff your team with great talent in convenient timezones.

Global Recruiting

We will find the experts you seek, domestically or internationally.

Customized Delivery

We help you build your product to your specs, with just-in-time infrastructure.

OpenSource Contributions

We wrote tools to help cloud adminstrators quickly introspect and operate container orchestration, because if it made our lives easier, we knew it could help others.

Our Skills

Farmotive provides global consultancy and cloud solutions for startups as a service

Subject matter experts with proven track records of production applications at scale. Repeatable process. Superlative technologies.

  • 01- SRE

  • 02- Development

  • 03- Continuous Delivery

  • 04- Design

  • 05- Quality Assurance

  • 06- DevOps

  • 07- Architecture

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Austin, TX, United States